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  • FHL Sales Director William Scott Lilya
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William Scott Lilya,

Family Heritage Life Sales Director


Before joining Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America (FHL) in 2016, William Scott Lilya had a successful career in the insurance industry. With more than two decades of insurance sales experience, Scott notes, the positive culture and great insurance product portfolio attracted him to Family Heritage Life. “We help people when they are in real trouble. When people get cancer, have a heart attack or stroke, or get hurt, they need that extra financial help so they can concentrate on getting better and not on bills,” Scott says.

Scott is dedicated to exploring all Family Heritage Life offers families at his local Agency, The Thunder Group in Chaska, Minnesota. Excited about the true impact he will make in the lives of families in his area, Scott says, “You have the power to really change a family’s life for the better through our protection if they get sick.”

He is particularly involved in the local Chaska Booster Club, which provides support to all curricular athletics and activities at Chaska High School. When he’s not working, he’s an avid hunter, fisherman, and loves to golf.

“These are great people to work with,” Scott says of FHL and his team at The Thunder Group. He continues, “We have sales and management opportunities all over Minnesota. What we’re doing truly makes a difference.”

For anyone looking for an opportunity at the Thunder Group, Scott encourages you to contact them today. He believes in the systems in place and the products offered at FHL. Scott says, “The only thing I’d do differently in my career is start with FHL 25 years earlier.”